Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Rolls Royce Phantom – The History to the Royal Family of Cars

I’ve been a big fan of the Rolls Royce Phantom for years. In fact, the first Rolls Royce Phantom I got was supposedly for my business, but instead, I decided to use it as my personal car. I have a business of renting wedding cars in South Wales and I’ve added more Rolls Royce cars when the business grew. I still kept the first Phantom I got and it’s still working like a charm.

I am definitely not surprised why my Phantom is a survivor. That’s because Rolls Royce have been making Phantoms since the last century. This line of tried and tested Phantoms have made Rolls Royce the brand to get if you’re looking for extremely good-looking vintage cars with the speed of a modern day car.

The line started with the dependable Rolls-Royce Phantom I. Designed as a last minute replacement for the original Silver Ghost, it was introduced as the New Phantom in 1925 and has a larger engine than the Silver Ghost. There were two versions of the car model; the English Phantom and the American Phantoms. Phantom I was one of the last 40/50 hp models, right next to its successor, the Rolls-Royce Phantom II.

The Phantom II was my favorite vintage car. It replaced the New Phantom in 1929 and is using a new and improved version of the Phantom I engine. The car also featured an all-new engine chassis; the front axle was mounted on semi-elliptical leaf springs like the old 40/50 hp model cars, but the difference is with the rear axle; it was now placed on top of semi-elliptical springs instead of the cantilever springs.

The Phantom II served very well during its time and it even appeared in the 2010 movie “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”  

Finally, production for the Phantom II stopped by 1936 and the car model was replaced with the Rolls-Royce Phantom III. This particular Phantom is the last car Rolls-Royce made before World War II started. It was also the only V12 Rolls-Royce on production until 1998. It was regarded as one of the sturdiest of the Rolls Royce Phantoms because it was durable enough to stand harsh winter conditions. The Phantom III became famous when it became the favorite car of James Bond villain Auric Goldfinger in the movie “Goldfinger” in 1964.

When the war erupted, Rolls-Royce had to stop producing the Phantoms because of the war effort. In 1950, they decided to build the next generation Phantom, which was the Rolls-Royce Phantom IV. Considered as the most exclusive Phantom ever built, the Phantom IV was used as the cars of the elite and the powerful. In fact, it became the favorite car of the Royal Family of England.

Rolls Royce produced more Phantoms after the Phantom IV. Phantoms V and VI were introduced in 1959 and 1968. By 2003, the company created the new Rolls Royce Phantom and is still in production. The latest model is the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

All About the Lamborghini Miura

Lamborghini Miura remains as the dream car for most of the people and majority of the riches have at least one Lamborghini Miura. They have it to show their status and richness. It comes in the best car and beautiful car in the world list. It was the first car to be added to the supercar list. The Lamborghini Miura was created against the wishes of the owner and company founder Lamborghini. But still the car was conceived as the best car in the world. The founder’s idea was to develop sedate, powerful and grand touring cars. But Lamborghini Miura is a total sports car. The engineering team took the risk to design this massive Lamborghini Miura during their spare hours. When it was launched, it was the most often seen car on the road. It became so popular and was produced targeting their competitor Ferrari. Ferrari remained as a local rivalry to Lamborghini Miura models.

The Lamborghini Miura came in three standard models like P400, P400S, and P400 SV. In all the three models, the engine was same and standard. The engineers used four strokes, V engine with 12 cylinders. It was mid-mounted model. The car has Girling brakes all around, and it was hydraulically operated.

The P400 was the first model in Lamborghini Miura version. It has a V12 engine, 3.9 liters, and 350 horsepower. The price of the car was equal to four Jaguars. Around 474 units of cars was built and sold. It was really popular in the first three production years. The business people and pop stars ensured to purchase Miuras. It was noticed that the car’s instability was really good, and it can drive at the top high speed of 240 km/hr. The latest versions of Miura came with various modifications and solved some issues faced by the previous customers. It was installed with bottom front spoiler, more modern types, and improved suspension.

The P400S model was introduced around 1968. Some of the major differences with its previous version was well highlighted in the car show. It had new rear taillights, accommodated with nine-inch wide wheels. Moreover, the rear tenders was wider than the previous version. In this model, the eye lashes present around the head lights was eliminated. Some of the major technical differences include gearbox lubrication systems and separate engine. It helped the vehicle to use appropriate oil for the engine and the gearbox. It was a major hit in the industry and still remained as a favorite car model for millions of people.

The Miura can be called as the most beautiful car that has been ever made. It has stylish interiors, beautiful exteriors, and the performance of the car was extremely good. It has most of the plus features than the minus features. It served as a perfect car for the riches and millionaires. The company would have lost or failed to survive without the Lamborghini Miura. The emphatic achievements and the low production figures helped to make great records in the motor history. It is still considered as the most desirable and best car. Read also Tips to Purchase your Favorite Car

Tips to Purchase your Favorite Car

Are you confused which car model to purchase? Well, it is not easy to buy a new car, and you will have a lot of doubts and questions when purchasing a new car. Vehicle shopping is considered as a big purchase. It is essential to decide well before choosing your right car. Moreover, you have to do some research and try to avoid mistakes. There are several top models like Pagani Zonda, Bugatti Veyron, Spyker C8 Aileron, Morgan Aeromax, and Ford GT. But still if you want to consider purchasing other than this top model then you need to take some quick steps.

Search on the internet or read some of the latest automobile magazines. You will get an idea about the latest vehicles, models, and ranges. Moreover, the vehicle review column will give you clear information about the repairs and possible damages in the car. No one would wish to purchase a car to park in the mechanical shed or the repair shop. Though the manufacturer covers the repair expenses and repairs, it is still a nuisance. If you are not able to find information or get the idea from the magazines you can ask your relatives or friends.

It is best to contact a person who has good information about the car and manufacturer. Some people will have great knowledge about the latest cars and models. You can tell them your budget and ask them suggestions in finding a best car. They will analyze your budget and give you an idea of which car to purchase.

Some of the online website provides real trustworthy information. You will find the information really useful and valuable especially when you purchase your new vehicle.  For example, when you check the vehicle information in a particular website, the application will pop up and ask you to input your address details. It will automatically record your requirements and start to share information, according to your budget and availability of vehicles in your area. Some of the models that impressed most of the car drivers and racers include;

Bugatti Veyron: It is medium engine sports car. It is developed and designed in Germany. The Volkswagen group manufactured this model. It was recognized as the car of the year between the year 2000 and 2009. The award was given to Bugatti Veyron by one of the popular television program named Top Gear. It was telecasted in the BBC channel. Harmut Warkuss was the chief designer for this car. It comes under the supercar category. It has seven-speed DSG sequential transmissions.

Spyker C8 Aileron: It is produced by the famous Dutch automobile maker Spyker cars. The car has two-door convertible body style. It comes under the sports car category. The scissor doors in the Spyker C8 model are extremely stylish and trendy.

Are you confused which to choose from these two models? Well, there are still several latest ranges and models. When you purchase the car, you have to see the interiors, seats, exteriors, features and additional benefits of the vehicle. It should be within your budget if you have already fixed. Read also The Super Cars in the World

The Super Cars in the World

Do you have the ambition to purchase a supercar? Do you want to know about the latest cars? If your answers are positive, then you should read this blog. We will discuss some of the best supercars you need to check out in the market.

Lamborghini Murcielago
It is one of the best and elegant versions of the Lamborghini vehicles. Whenever there starts a discussion about the supercar, the Lamborghini vehicle will first hit the reviewers mind. It is two seater and two door coupe. It is very popular because of the gull wing doors. The layout of the car is based on its traditional Lamborghini model. The gearbox is mounted in the front part of the engine. It has six manual transmission systems.  It gives a mileage of 9 kmpl in the city and 13 kmpl in the highways. The quarter mile speed is 121 mph.

Ford GT
It is considered as the great American supercar. It is a super model sports car. It is produced by the prestigious Ford Motor company. A complete new model of GT cars is expected to be released in 2016. It has six-speed manual transmissions. The design, interiors and exteriors of the car look real stunning which it will impress any driver or car racer. The Ford GT was released in various modified versions. Some of the latest modified versions include GeigerCars Ford GT. This was a model was released in the year 2013 and 2015. The RH Motorsports GT1-S and GT3-S were launched in the year 2012 and 2015. The second generation FORD GT is expected to be released in the forthcoming year.

Porsche Carrera GT
It is mid-engine supercar launched between 2004 and 2007. It is manufacturers by the great Porsche motor company. It comes with sports car model. It has two door roadster body style. It has six-speed manual transmissions. It was offered to customers with different paint options. It includes seal gray, GT Silver, basalt black, fayence yellow, and guards red. The factory later launched the car in custom color options. The interior of the vehicle is fixed with soft leather. The navigation system and Bose audio system is standard in Porsche Carrera GT model.

Lamborghini Miura
It is an excellent and outstanding sports car. It was produced and launched by an Italian automaker named Lamborghini. It is mostly considered the next generation car. This medium engine sports car has two seaters and performs tremendously well. The Miura model was actually designed by the engineering team of the Lamborghini. They designed the car in their free time, and it was said that it was designed against the desires of the founder. His first choice was to produce grand touring, sedate and powerful cars. It has five-speed manual transmissions. It comes under the sports class category. The body style of the vehicle is two door coupe model.

Hope you would have enjoyed reading about the best cars in the world. Apart from these, the other supercars include Pagani Huayra, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, Lamborghini Countach, and Koenigsegg CCR.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Some of the Best Forgotten Supercars

Do you have a dream to own a supercar? Do you know the names of the supercar? Well, you have to check out this blog to get answers to the above questions. The supercar will have limited production and will be produced only by the customer’s order. It consists of unequaled performance and handling and also comes with an expensive price tag. Do you think that these features are enough to give the title supercar? It is not enough to earn the title supercar. The car should look unique, completely different from the usual vehicle models and the normal cars present in the world. When you look at the first sight, you should feel that ‘aww’ and excitement. There are several modern supercars in the present generation. Here we are going to discuss some of the car models that has been forgotten.  

Argyll GT: It is a Scottish motor car. It was manufactured between 1899 and 1932. It was again manufactured in the year 1976 to 1990.  Only a few numbers of units were produced. It was a big hit during that period. As the motor company was finding hard to survive, the Argyll GT version was stopped. It is said to be a high-class supercar in those periods.

Bitter Tasco: It is widely known for its style, body, and performance. It was one of the odd projects but received good response from the public, It was an unusual car with unusual features and model. It was later launched in various models but did not progress for long time.

Dome Zero: It was first launched in the Grand Geneva motor show. It received great applause and response. The sharp intakes made it look really different from the usual bunch. The Zero car model was amazing. The maker could not develop or take it across the homologation test of the Japanese. It came in various types and concepts that include Bitter Blazer in 1976, Bitter Rally GT in 1984, Bitter type 3 in 1987, Type three sedan in Bitter in 1987, Bitter Tasco in 1991 and Bitter CD2 model in 2003.

Nissan R390: The Nissan R390 is an exclusive super car model. It was constructed in Atsugi in Japan. The constructor of Nissan R390 is Nissan Motorsports Limited. It was considered as the best motorsports car and performed equally good in the normal roads too. The price of the car is highly expensive, but it is really worth for its looks, performance, uniqueness, style and design. It is sure that you would not miss to take a second look when you view the Nissan R390 car for the first time.

Panther Six: The Panthex Six comes under the extravagant category vehicle. It is a two door convertible and six wheel model. It is said that only two cars of this model still exist. It claims to achieve top speed and has a capable to cover 200 mph.  It consists of television, electric windows and seats, fire extinguisher (automatic), electronic instruments, convertible soft top and television.  Read also Avoid Falling Prey To Junk Car Buyer Scams

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Avoid Falling Prey To Junk Car Buyer Scams

junk car buyer. Your car can still earn you money. Despite its age, every car has still something in it to make a few valuable bucks for it. It may be a few hundred or thousands yet the money is precious. A salvage or junk removal company can give you an estimate over the phone based on the inputs you give them. However, the best price can be decided after a formal onsite inspection.

Call a few junk car buyers and find out who would pay the maximum for your old metal. Be careful as there is some fly by night companies that offer good price over the phone and fail to do so in person. Many old car buyers offer an attractive price over the phone to lock the seller. After checking the condition of the car, they tend to lower the price. Beware of such buyers. In such cases have a second option. It is not necessary to give your old metal to the first buyer. Do not be a victim of pressure tactics.

While handing over the possession of your car, it is important to get the papers transferred legally. Ensure that the registration and title are transferred to the new buyer. This is important because any offense can lead to you despite the car no longer being in your possession. In order to avoid such issues, it is best to choose a reliable and reputable junk car buyer who can take care of all the transfer formalities. Similarly, all junk car buyers should note that it is important to avoid cars that do not have a proper title. Despite a written authorization from the seller, this could lead to offense. Sometimes a seller might sell a stolen car by not disclosing the details of the car. It is important to beware of not just junk car buyers but sellers as well.

Paying by check is not new, and most buyers do this. If you are not sure of their standing and experience, it is best to ask for cash. Some scrupulous buyers offer a check for more than the buying amount and ask you to refund the difference. Be careful of such buyers as they may try to fool you, as these checks never clear and you may have to end up paying to cover the cost of the check and bouncing fees. Though you may be innocent the bank may treat you as a fraud.

Each day someone or the other is falling prey to junk car buying scams, you could be next. Despite reading about this and hearing from victims, still many succumb to the pressures of these fraudsters and lose money and their priced possession. Therefore, it is important to conduct adequate research before selecting a salvage car buyer. Reference and reputation are the two Rs to keep in mind while choosing a reliable junk car buyer.